Ryby z Wyspy Wolin Kawiarnia Kakadu

The charming Dziwnów, located on the Baltic coast, is the place where, since 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Jolanta and Paweł Reiter have been running a café, a fry and fish smokehouse. The company developed in stages. The first to be established is a fish bar, which serves honestly fried fish from local fishermen. Without resting on the laurels brought by the fish fry shop, the owners decided to expand the company's offer and opened the Kakadu cafe, famous in Dziwnów for the best pancakes and coffee.


Using the seaside potential and the rich fishing history of Dziwnów, it became obvious that the company was expanded by a fish smokehouse. The smokehouse was built by the owner of the company himself, using fireclay and oak for the construction. The smokehouse smokes various species of fish caught by fishermen who are friends from the Organization of Łódź Fishermen in Kołobrzeg and obtained from local ship owners who fish in the Baltic Sea. Smoked fish is a traditional method, which includes: fish, salt, water and alder smoke. You can buy delicious and aromatic fish directly from the smokehouse, such as: cod, flounder, herring, eel, mackerel, salmon, sprat, and Atlantic fish: halibut, redfish and sawmill.
The surplus of smoked fish is preserved in rapeseed oil and vinegar
and tomato and vinegar. The fish in this form are intended for sale.
The restless culinary souls of the company's owners, driven by the close proximity of the now closed fish processing plant "Belona" and its history, inspired the company's further development and revival of the product with which the West Pomeranian region has been associated for years. We are talking about the famous Szczecin pepper. The secret of "red gold" is carefully selected, high-quality raw materials and ingredients, as well as traditional, manual methods of making paprika. The peppercorn includes: cod fillet, tomato paste, rapeseed oil, vegetables and spices. Paprykarz has gained recognition among customers and is commonly referred to by them as paprikash from the island of Wolin or home. Paprykarz can be purchased in local stores throughout the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. cod paprikash.
The wide range of products manufactured by the Reiter company has gained recognition among many customers, which gives them wind in their sails and motivates them to continuous, creative work.

CONTACTS:Ryby z Wyspy Wolin Kawiarnia Kakadu
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