Pasieka Zarodowa w Maciejowie Dolina Stobrawy Sp. z o. o.

Breeding Apiary in the village of Maciejów is a historic place associated with the life and work of world-renowned explorer and scientist in the field of beekeeping, priest Dr. Jan Dzierżon (1811-1906). It was in Maciejów where Priest Dr. Jan Dzierżon in 1884 made his famous grandmaster Beekeeping discovery. He is known as the discoverer of the phenomenon of parthenogenesis of bees. The person of Dr. Jan Dzierżon made Maciejów cradle of Polish beekeeping.
Honeys from the village of Maciejów, the pearl of tradition, are fully natural, thanks to the unique taste, and beauty treatments. They arise from the nectar or honeydew, are stored, vaporized and ripen in the combs in terms of colonies. Honeys are like bees produce them, they do not mix. With years of experience and a rich tradition of beekeeping, which guarantees high quality, our honeys fully retain all the accumulated wealth of bio-elements and substances enhancing the resilience and vitality of the body.

Maciejów 8
46-211 Kujakowice Górne, 
Telephone +48 77 413 19 77
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GPS N51.03486 E18.28922 (WGS84 decimal)

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