Hotel & Browar Słociak s.c.

Opole, as the capital city of the region and the Capital City of Polish Songs, should offer to visitors maintained to a high standard a hotel with adequate base. Due to the attractive location (object lies at the ring road of Opole), we decided to extend the range of services for events, conferences and training sessions. The idea of combining functions of dining with the brewery, was dictated by the revolution, which is currently engaged in the Polish beer market. We see increasing discussion about the new small regional, craft, restaurant breweries. To meet the needs of demanding customers, bored of products from big beer companies , we decided to offer the highest quality of beer brewed on your eyes.

Opole, ul. Księżycowa 2 a
45-960 Opole
Telephone +48 77 543 09 65
[email protected]
GPS N50.697210 E17.877041 (WGS84 decimal)

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