Piekarnia Wodnicki Andrzej Wodnicki

"Bakery Wodnicki" was established in 1992. The production facility is located in Kępa village , near Opole. It is a craft bakery specializing in the production of bread and fancy bakery. An additional part of the production are pastry goods (without preservatives). In 2014 the bakery has become certified producer of original kołacz śląski (Silesian cake). Traditional bread making techniques are what we pride ourselves on at Piekarnia Wodnicki. The backery is highly mechanized, most of the work is done by hand, and the bread is baked in two ceramic coal-fired kilns. Our backery products meet the demands among consumers due to taste and nutritious, which allows the company to place oneself as the lead producer on the local market.

ul. Opolska 13,
46-022 Kępa
Telephone +48 77 455 64 88
[email protected]

Production & Processing