Cukiernictwo s.c. Józef, Ryszard Paweł Izydorczyk

We are a family company with a long tradition. Our Confectioner was founded by Senior Józef Izydorczyk in 1969. Our specialty is kołocz śląski and "home made" cookies , as well as various kinds of yeast cakes, cakes and pies.
Since 1986, the Confectionery is a civil company and is run by father (Józef) and son (Ryszard). We use our old family recipes .
We are a member of the Association of Consortium of Manufacturers of Kołocza Śląski and we promote kołocz Śląski / kołacz Śląski on the Opole market.

ul. Ks.Karola Lange 11
47-100 Strzelce Opolskie
Telephone +48 577 215 967

Production & Processing