Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Piotr Krękiewicz

Bee-keeping farm is my great passion, which I have been associated with since 1981. As a student of the Forest Technical School, I joined the school circle of beekeepers. Through all these years, I have been developing my beekeeping interests and gained a valuable experience. Today, my apiary has 120 bee families. Hives are located in the forest area of the Bory Niemodlinskie Protected Landscape Area. Thanks to its unique location, the honey is characterised by excellent taste, colour and healthy values.
You can buy the following types of honey : rape, multiflorous, acacia, linden, lacustrine.
What is more, you can buy extremely valuable bee products as : pollen, feathers, propolis, as well as herbaceous : nettle, aronia and aloe .

Ligota Tułowicka 18 A
49-130 Tułowice
GPS N50.5835645 E17.6539114 (WGS84 decimal)

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