Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik ApS

Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik (The Bornholm Alcohol Factory) was established in 1994. Bornholmer Akvavit, Bornholmer 1855 Traditions Akvavit and Bornholmer Bitter are the cornerstones of their range. Additionally produced season's news such as Easter and Summer Aquavit. For Christmas 2005 they produced "Honningsyp" (honey alcohol) - in cooperation with the Den Gamle Skole (Old School) supplying honey to the popular Christmas "syp".

The products are sold through detail trade.

Søndre Hammer 156
3730 Nexø
Telephone +45 51345140
[email protected]
GPS N55.05801 E15.13185 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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