Røgeriet i Svaneke

Svaneke Smokehouse towering proudly with its five white chimneys on the north-eastern rock ornaments. Even before the ovens opened by 11-time vejres the unmistakable aroma of hot freshly smoked herring. The same time, mackerel, trout, the hot smoked and cold smoked salmon, eel, the warm fish cakes, the smoked shrimp and classic 'Suntop of Svaneke' and presents itself and makes it almost impossible to choose what to buy to take home or enjoy at plank tables overlooking the Baltic Sea and the Baltic sea. &


From Easter until the autumn holiday.

Fiskergade 12
3740 Svaneke
Telephone + 45 56 49 63 24
[email protected]
GPS N55.13970 E15.14340 (WGS84 decimal)

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