Gościniec „Gryszczeniówka”

“Gryszczeniówka” is an agritourism farm with a small restaurant situated 15km from Poznan, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here in peace and quiet you can taste the delicious, traditional regional Wielkopolskan cuisine. Our guests are welcome to try potatoes with gzik (cottage cheese with cream, chives and radish), grey dumplings with fried cabbage, potato cakes, blood pudding, home-made sausage and many other delicacies.

Our specialty are Pierogi (stuffed dumplings) from Wargów, which in 2006 were entered on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. They are the carriers of many years of tradition. We have prepared them in our family for many generations strictly in accordance with one unchanging recipe. There are four kinds of Pierogi: with meat, cabbage and mushrooms, Russian, and sweet with white cottage cheese. Seasonally, we also make them with fresh fruit.

Moreover, we also serve home-made preserves such as: purple plum jam, natural home-made juices and jams, apple mousse made from Antonovkas, cherry preserves, tomato juice, pickled cucumbers and many more. In the restaurant you can also try various pig products such as: ham, sausage, brawn, lard, leberka (liver sausage), blood pudding, pâtés, and the like.

What’s most important is the fact that we prepare our meals and all our preservatives using only products from our farm, or from other farmers in the vicinity. We stick to the rule of ‘From the field to the table’.

We also organise all kinds of events, such as roast pig parties and pork gicz (pork knuckles cooked in beer) parties. In the summer, our guests have a terrace located in an old fruit orchard at their disposal and in the winter they can party in a warm and cosy hall around an open fireplace.

CONTACTS:Gościniec „Gryszczeniówka”
Wargowo II 87
64-605 Wargowo
Telephone +48 61 29-72-067; +48 509 443 085
[email protected]
GPS N52.588736 E16.815305 (WGS84 decimal)

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