Piekarnia „Bułeczka” Maria Wielgosz

The Bakery has been dealing with bread and sour-rye making for generations. The baking products are of high quality, and the flour used comes mostly from the Wielkopolska region, including especially the Damłyn mill in Damasławek. The initial stage in bread baking consists of sour-rye making from flour and water.

A wide variety of products sold in the Bakery include rye bread, wholemeal baking
products, graham bread, proprietary and pheasant bread, and many other products made with no food dyes or additives.

Zagorzyn 16
62-812 Jastrzębniki
Telephone +48 62 751-20-17
[email protected]
GPS N51.813709 E18.035603 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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