APIHERBA dr E.Kałużny Ośrodek Apifitoterapii - Pałac Witosław

The Centre specialises in bee and herbal products used in nutrition, preventive medicine and treatment.

The historical park belonging to the Centre houses an apiary, a herbal and vegetable garden, from which originate the apiarian, herbal and vegetal products used in individual treatment with herbs, honey, propolis, pollen, beeswax, venom, royal jelly and vegetables.

All these products are used in preparation of different preventive and therapeutic mixtures, carried out in the Centre’s laboratory.

The products originating from the Centre obtained numerous certificates and awards; Miodówka Witosławska (honey liqueur) and Miód Witosławski (mead) have been entered in the List of Traditional Product kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Centre’s restaurant offers regional, Old Polish, vegetarian and dietetic dishes (e.g. rabbit or honey cake witosławski style). All products originate from the Centre’s ecological garden and herbs are dried using natural methods.

The Centre has also its own rabbit farm, providing meat for regional dishes – rabbit witosławski style.

Witosław 1
64-113 Osieczna
Telephone +48 65 535-93-21; +48 65-535-05-96
Fax +48 65 535-93-22
[email protected]
GPS N51.946961 E16.701544 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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