Paulina Rzeszowska "PAULA"

“Paula” company is a catering firm operating on the market for several months, but which has already achieved success i.e. the 2nd place for a goose-meat pâté and stuffed goose during the Nationwide Festival of Pastry Cookers and Goose Dishes, in the individual category.

Geese are prepared in a variety of ways: from stuffed geese, through pâtés, czernina (soup made of blood), flaczki (meat stew) of geese’s stomachs, shashliks, liver fried with onion and bacon, półgęski (geese’s breasts), roulades, stuffed legs, fillets in cherry sauce, galantines with fruit and vegetables.

Goose dishes are made according to traditional home recipes.

ul. Kościelna 1
63-430 Odolanów
Telephone 504-038-456
[email protected]
GPS N51.569815 E17.58791 (WGS84 decimal)

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