Ośrodek Turystyki Wiejskiej Tamarynowa Osada

Tamarynowa Osada is a rural tourism center which is spread over 30 ha, located in the Miedzychod-Sierakowski Lake District, between the villages of Dormow and Lowien, surrounded by forests on each side. Undoubtedly, the unique side of this place is the culinary proposition. There is no typical restaurant with a menu card in Tamarynowa Osada. Preferred are meals using the best and freshest products, taking into account seasonality, aimed at achieving the highest quality. The cuisine is based on the traditions of Polish and Greater Poland cuisine.

ul. Dormowska 4
64-426 Łowyń
Telephone +48 534 090 774
[email protected]
GPS N52.513609 E15.882368 (WGS84 decimal)

Farmshops & sales 
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