Karczma Kołodziej Dorota Kamińska

The inn building comes from the beginning of the 20. century, but the Kołodziej Inn was established in 2003 and from the very beginning of its activity it offers regional dishes, i.e. grey dumplings with bacon and cabbage, pierogi, pork neck in herbs, garlic, served with kopytka and duck served with steamed yeast dumplings and red cabbage. The list of regional soups includes i.e. blood soup with home-made pasta and regional sour rye soup. The patrons waiting for their orders are served home-baked bread and lard.

CONTACTS:Karczma Kołodziej Dorota Kamińska
ul. Poznańska 10
62-085 Skoki
Telephone +48 61 8124046
GPS N52.670033 E17.144659 (WGS84 decimal)

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