Spiżarnia Poznańska

“Spiżarnia Poznańska” is a shop with organic and traditional products, whose offer comprises over 2,000 products.

The product line includes a wide range of organic products, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit from certified organic farms, bioproducts from proven rural farms, smoked meats produced by traditional methods, cheese from cow's and goat’s milk, as well as many other delicacies.

The product line continues to be expanded with new products by searching for products from suppliers offering unprocessed and traditional goods. Goods from producers, who are the members of the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network, constitute a large share of the product line.

CONTACTS:Spiżarnia Poznańska
ul. Złotowska 55/2
60-189 Poznań
Telephone +48 61/22-172-11
[email protected]
GPS N52.409206 E16.822354 (WGS84 decimal)

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