Ośrodek „Leśna Polana”

“Leśna Polana” is a training and leisure centre housing a restaurant, which serves local specialties, i.e. own-baked bread, lard, low-salt pickles, potato cake, dumplings, fish (e.g. Ślesin trout), poultry, pork, “ochweśnicka” cabbage, potato sausage (obsypunka).

Within the framework of the “Dwa Mosty” Socio-Economic Association, the Centre has worked since ten years on the history of “ochweśnicka” culture, tradition and cuisine, and thus it has organised the “Ochweśnicka” Cuisine Festival since several years.

The “Ochweśnicka” Cuisine Festival is an important event promoting old recipes from the region of Ślesin, Licheń and other municipalities of the Konin County. By promoting local food products, it facilitates the integration of local communities.

Tokary 5
62-561 Ślesin
Telephone 63/270-41-27
[email protected]
GPS N52.374656 E18.309231 (WGS84 decimal)

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