AGROTURYSTYKA "Rozmaitości" Małgorzata Suchecka-Perczyńska

Right in the middle of the Zielonka Forest there is an exceptional place where leisure and recreation gain a new meaning. The place was established in an over century-old stable, whose owners took care of everything to provide an intimate and family atmosphere.

Here, the kitchen smells like delicious homemade dinner. In the spring and summer time, light dishes are served; however, warming meals are typical of the winter season. “Four Seasons” cuisine – traditional for our region – is preferred here.

Dishes served to guests are prepared from local and home-grown products, i.e. cabbage and mushroom dumplings or meat dumplings. However, fruit and cheese dumplings are served during the summer. The following dishes are also served: mushroom soup, country chicken broth, duck breast served with yeast dumplings and red cabbage, and also yeast cake with seasonal fruit as a dessert

The surrounding area is criss-crossed by a dense network of cycling routes which lead to the most picturesque parts of the Zielonka Forest.

Pławno 17
62-095 Murowana Goślina
Telephone 61/81-22-470
[email protected]
GPS N52.583234 E17.033958 (WGS84 decimal)

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