Mleczarnia Jan Korbik

The Jan Korbik’s Dairy is a founding member of the “Leszno Flavours” Cluster that brings together active producers of high quality food products from the Leszno County.
The dairy purchases milk from local farms, among others a farm in Klonówiec, and produces natural dairy products. These products are accelerators-free, dyes-free, salts-free and preservatives-free. However, their packaging is done by hand.

Products submitted to bear the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage logo are: “Jezierzycka Krówka” full-fat cottage cheese, Jezierzyce semi-fat cottage cheese, Jezierzyce extra butter, Jezierzyce sour milk and Jezierzyce ghee. “Jezierzycka Krówka” full-fat cottage cheese and Jezierzyce semi-fat cottage cheese were awarded “Top Product” distinctions under the “Appreciate the Polish” programme, while Jezierzyce ghee received a distinction in the 6th edition of the “I-innovation for Wielkopolska” competition.

The company belongs to the “Leszno Flavours” Food Cluster bringing together local food producers, support institutions and local authorities.

Jezierzyce Kościelne 44
64-117 Krzycko Małe
Telephone 65/53-31-584
GPS N51.888253 E16.421471 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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