Agroturystyka "Pokoje u Dagmary"

Agroturism Farm managed by Mrs. Dagmara Mazurek
Housekeeper offers accommodation all year –round , a childrens playground, barbecue grill, water tourism equipment for children and adults, kayaking river Wda, cart rides, winter sleigh rides in horse carts.

Products offered:
- Alkohol drink ”Żurawinówka po Mermecku” , jam, syrup and jelly from cranberry (the cranberry comes from the village Mermet)
-Cranberry special which comes from the region Kociewie served to roast meat

Mermet 5 A
PL 83- 241 Lubichowo
Telephone +48 58 582 39 26
[email protected]
GPS N53.7890010 E18.3506460 (WGS84 decimal)

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