Restauracja "Gdańska"

The Gdańska Restaurant is the only restaurant connected with the millennium of Gdańsk.
The Gdańska Restaurant is dedicated entirely to the city - its decor, arrangement and cousine. The restaurants unquestionable attraction is its interior reminiscent of 17-th century Gdańsk.
On richly decorated walls of the restaurant one can find model ships and miniatures depicting the life in the city of Neptune 300 years ago.
The specialty of the Gdańska Restaurant is Old Gdańsk cuisine, as well as Polish and International cuisine. Equally excellent as the restaurants menu are events on special occassion organized here.



ul. Św. Ducha 16/24
80-834 Gdańsk
Telephone +48 58 305 76 71
Fax +48 58 35 76 71
[email protected]
GPS N54.3508993 E18.6508505 (WGS84 decimal)

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