Piekarnia SPOŁEM

Since 1954 has been producing bakery bread and cakes. Our valuable product - from the standpoint of lovers of tradition is a country bread with potatoes. Is baked in different weights (0.5 kg, 1kg, 2kg) stands out at that the addition of boiled potatoes, which is achieved through an extended shelf life - almost to the week. Bread is baked on a natural sourdough, based on the original, traditional recipes, using only natural ingredients.
Hand-kneaded breads go to a ceramic kiln, where the baking process takes just as a century ago.

ul. Rynek 15
83-400 Kościerzyna
Telephone 58/ 686 27 15
[email protected]
GPS N54.1219470 E17.9788780 (WGS84 decimal)

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