Restauracja Gryfon Jastarnia

"In no place on the coast you find such delicious regional dishes- Kashubian fish specialties as well as Mediterranean cuisine. Learn more about ... fish in Gryfon restaurant. Salmon, flounder, cod, herring, mackerel prepared in lava grill and oven without fat, in fragrant herbs, and the most common fish fresh from the sea ... just pepper and salt. The restaurant has its own smokehouse, also sells snacks and fish dishes prepared fish on the grill. "
Restaurant Gryfon Jastarnia in opened since 2007 and is a continuation of the family catering tradition. The restaurant is located 150 meters from the shores of the Baltic Sea, in the historic part of Jastarnia, near the ethnographic museum "Fisherman's Cottage" and the renaissance church. Location makes it an interesting place - a stop on the journey through the Hel Peninsula,.
Restaurant's Chef draws from the rich local sources of raw materials and culinary traditions. The specialty is fish strictly subordinated to the seasonal occurrence of individual species: May-June-snook; July-August-flounder and eels; September-October-sea trout, salmon and November-April-cod. Every day you can enjoy good meals of herring, mackerel and turbot. The restaurant offers dishes you can find historic and endemic eg ksyny- tripe from eels; wędzówki- charcoal dried flounder; semi-dry sausage jastarickie kolbosy- with sliced meat ; frekase- cooked chicken in white sauce with raisins; smoked salmon, flounder, eel and many other Kashubian regional dishes.

CONTACTS:Restauracja Gryfon Jastarnia
ul. Krótka 5
84-140 Jastarnia
Telephone +48 664 25 25 25, +48 600 652 652
[email protected]
GPS N54.7032510 E18.6695460 (WGS84 decimal)

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