Fishparty Manufaktura is a family company with a long tradition. Products that were initially created for the needs of family and friends meetings are the result of several years of work on the recipe, which was fully created by Manufaktura. Based on knowledge and education, taking into account the practical skills of Manufaktura, it strikes a balance between traditional procedures of product preparation and the use of modern technologies that guarantee the freshness of marinated fillets of herring served on skewers.
The Fishparty Manufaktura business is guided by the "from field to table" principle, or rather from the sea to the table. Everything begins with fishing, then manual filleting, to finally marinate fresh raw material in barrels. The last stage is the formation of marinated fillets of herring so it can be served on skewers also enriched with spices.
The Fisparty Manufaktura offer includes the Crimson herring, herring in Herbs, Delikates herring, Classic herring and Spicy herring.



Dzierżoniów, the shop Wyszukane Smaki
Gdańsk, Bazaar of Nature
Gdynia, the Village Specialties store
Gdynia, Jadłostajnia Kolibki
Malbork, the Fruit Bag store
Olsztyn, Ekozieleniak store
Rzeszów, the BioKing store
Warsaw, specjała Wiejski shops
Wrocław, Rarytasy Dolnośląskie shops
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