Radostowskie Rarytasy

Radostowskie Rarytasy is a small cheese factory, which is located on a farm in Radostowo. The hosts process their own raw material - cow's milk into traditional farmer's dairy products using craft methods. Here work combines with passion.
The cheesehouse and farmer's shop are located in the former distillery building from 1899. If you visit this place, you can see what the cheese-making and dairy production looks like.
The offer includes butter, milk, cream, yoghurts and kefirs, traditional cottage cheese as well as cheese (natural or with spices), smoked cheese, blue cheese or salted cheese. The range of products is systematically growing.


farmer's shop is open:
Friday from 16.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-14.00

CONTACTS:Radostowskie Rarytasy
ul. Dworcowa 11
83-120 Radostowo
Telephone +48 537 667 875
[email protected]
GPS N53.985298 E18.75806 (WGS84 decimal)

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