Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Lawendowa Osada

Lawendowa Osada is an ecological agritourism farm surrounded by a forest in which we grow the first and largest in northern Poland, in the Pomerania and Kashubia, a lavender field. Our lavender field is one of the largest in Poland, we grow a dozen varieties of lavender. We grow lavender completely ecologically, we do not use artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Thanks to this, our lavender can be used in food, cosmetics and many other products.
Our farm is appreciated in prestigious competitions, including First place for the best agritourism farm or the best organic farm in the Pomeranian Voivodship, as well as the third place in the country in the WWF Farmer of the Baltic Sea Region competition and the Best Tourist Product in the competition of the Polish Tourist Organization.
We offer our guests accommodation in 3 Lavender Chalets, as well as the opportunity to use the SPA Village (salt cave, Russian banya, hot tub) or the Aqua Complex with a heated pool.
Equally interesting is our culinary offer based on local raw material. You will try here unique products based on our lavender: lavender syrup, jam, tea, yeast croissants stuffed with jam with a hint of lavender. In addition, we bake bread ourselves, and our guests will also be enchanted with home cooking in accordance with the "from farm to table" principle.
We sell as part of the Agricultural Retail Trade.


Our farm is open to guests throughout the year.

Młyńska 6A
83-047 Przywidz
Telephone 511 975 929
[email protected]
GPS N54.19295 E18.30372 (WGS84 decimal)

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