Restauracja "Pojednanie"

„Pojednanie“ – the Polish-Jewish restaurant is located by Route No. 61, about 100 km from Warsaw.
Best renowned for its veal dishes and a variety of other tasty foods it offers unique atmosphere and friendly service. Thanks to our wonderful garden, in the summertime you can enjoy dinner outdoors in a peaceful open space.
Our restaurant is an excellent venue not only for a dinner but also for business meetings, family parties, banquets or conferences. We also provide catering services and organize exhibitions and concerts.
Address : Dobrołęka 38, 07-415 Olszewo- Borki
Tel: 29 768 1151, 0 602 344 285
[email protected]

Dobrołęka 38
07-415 Olszewo Borki
Telephone +48 (29) 768 11 51; (+48) 602 344 285
[email protected]
GPS N53.015629 E21.490465 (WGS84 decimal)

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