Nalewkarnia Longinus, R. Dziliński, Rafał Dziliński

Our company is a small family enterprise, trying to revive the tradition of producing beautiful and original fruit liqueurs. Such products grace the tables of our ancestors by adding charm and brilliance, both elegant feasts and everyday meals a little more modest.
Fruit Liqueurs enjoyed in those days a huge success due to the unique taste and smell of raw materials used in their production, and because of their prestige. Exquisite tincture can be primarily found in affluent homes, in which great importance was attached to the quality of drinks served.

With such a unique position in the Polish cuisine, fruit liqueurs were produced in many homes. Actually, almost every respectable gentry house hid in their cellars original and delicious liqueur.
The production of these liqueurs wants to restore our company. For over 15 years we have been manufacturing fruit liqueurs trying different recipes and traditional raw materials. Sharing them with family and friends, we spent many memorable moments. Opinions about our liqueurs induced us to go with these products out to a wider group of people who appreciate the highest quality and memorable flavor.
We produce fruit liqueur with fresh fruits and the best of spirits, in small glass vessels. The process of macerating fruit in alcohol lasts from a few to several months, then we separate the fruit from the fluid, and further squeeze the same fruits in a special hand press, not to waste a single drop of precious liquid. Thus obtained sweetened filling of the highest quality sugar syrup and allowed to continue aging and clarifying. Accordingly mature tincture is only filtered and poured into bottles.
The product that you have on your table, is a result of many months of work and many years of experience. All work associated with the production of our tinctures are made by hand.

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