Piekarnia Fogiel & Fogiel

Fogiel & Fogiel Bakery located in Radom in Słowackiego Street was founded by Władysław Fogiel in 1910. Thanks to his hard work and determination it gradually became a very well known bakery in Radom despite being a very small one at the beginning. Władysław Fogiel not only was able to create the foundations of his company but he also got involved in work of Craft Guild. He had been working as a Senior Member of Bakery Association in Radom for several years and as a Councillor of Craft Guild in Kielce.

The family business was taken over by his son, Ziemowit Fogiel who continued his father's bakery traditions. In spite of many difficulties he had to face during the period of socialism, he managed to carry on his business as well as to modernize it.

After his death, the bakery was run by his wife, Janina Fogiel who later joined by thier two sons, Mariusz and Tadeusz. Even though they planned different careers, they finally decided to continue those traditions. There fore after reciving thier Certificates of Master Craftsman in Bakery, they took over the family business.

Despite the political turmoil that took place at that time, the family business flourished thanks to the commitment of each generation alongside with the development of the city.

Even though the location of the bakery is still the same, it is no longer sistuated on the outskirts of Radom but in the city center.

In 90s the bakery was thoroughly modernized which resulted in the enlargement of the production area as well as the replacement of old machines. The equipment, however, the company uses now is made by the leading European companies.

Although the backery hasn't been fully modernized yet, all the actions taken so far definitely let increase the production and improve not only the working condicions but also the quality of bread.

In order to keep the family tradictions started by the founder of the bakery, the present owners do not also forget about community service, working in Craft Guild in Radom as well as manyregional and national Bakery Associations.

CONTACTS:Piekarnia Fogiel & Fogiel
ul. Słowackiego 92
26-600 Radom
Telephone (+48) 48 365 27 63
Fax (+48) 48 365 27 63
GPS N51.38927 E21.17250 (WGS84 decimal)

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