Hotel i Restauracja „Pod Różami”

Hotel and Restaurant “Pod Rozami” invites you to the beautiful city Jedlnia-Letnisko. Located in a rural region, surrounded by “Kozienicki" forest, the small lagoon and bicycle paths. Our town gives you the opportunity of many activities in nature in both winter and summer. Our restaurant, "Pod Rozami" offers many traditional dishes from the region.
Most of our chefs are coming from the town and have more than 15 years of experience in serving traditional dishes with the use of the of the local products.
Visit us and try some of the traditional dishes such as:
1. Tripe from beef
2. Cabbage soup with groats
3. Potato`s cabbage
4. Traditional Potato Dish - Prażucha
5. Yeast cake with crumble
6. Polish donuts with home made marmalade.

CONTACTS:Hotel i Restauracja  „Pod Różami”
Ul. Radomska 49
26-630 Jedlnia-Letnisko
Telephone +48 501 044 752
[email protected]
GPS N51.434534 E21.319649 (WGS84 decimal)

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