Krzysztof Wawrzyniec Borkowski

Manor ponds in Mościbrody with an area of 100 ha of water surface, part of the former landowners' estate. The fish ponds established at the turn of the 17th and 19th centuries on land estates are a key element of the cultural landscape of Mazovia and southern Podlasie. Until World War II, the small retention system used
in the construction of ponds in Mościbrody, aroused recognition and was replicated in Europe. Small retention means lengthening the road
and time of water circulation in the pond facility. In short, it stops it and allows it to complete the process
its self-cleaning. This process is of great importance for the proper breeding of carp.
The history of carp breeding in Mościbród dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. This story was started by a landed gentry family named Jarząb. The property at that time, apart from ponds, also included a farm with an area of about 200 ha. The fish were fed with grain from their own crops. Historical events influenced the further fate of the property. Since 2002, the owners are Małgorzata and Krzysztof Borkowski.
The ponds have been functioning continuously for over 150 years. Historical events and warfare did not stop breeding. Carps are still farmed extensively, fed with grain from their own farm. The location of the ponds in Mościbrody and the conditions of fish farming make the carp caught in them produce particularly exquisite and delicate meat.

Mościbrody 52
08-112 Wiśniew
GPS N52.1079113 E22.2887673 (WGS84 decimal)

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