Restaurant Complex "Bile Ozero" ("White Lake")

Restaurant Complex "Bile Ozero" ("White Lake") is located in an old picturesque village Volodymyrets that appeared on the map of Ukraine in 1939. The village lies in the interfluves of Styr and Horyn Rivers, and healing glycerine White Lake which is situated in the woods.
In the north west of the village there is "Volodymyrets" railway station that belongs to the longest in Europe active light-rail "Antonivka – Zarichne" which was built by merchants before the 1st World War.
Recently there have started the implementation of the tourist project "Polissia Tram" which was acknowledged as one of the best at the national contest.
The Restaurant Complex "Bile Ozero" presents a range of meals from Polissia backwoods cooked according to ancient receipts of this area to its visitors. It also offers friendly and pleasant atmosphere, affable service, and music with the soul component.

The meals cooked according to ancient recipes in the Restaurant Complex "Bile Ozero" include the following:
ULLI"Yushka z V’iunamy" (fish soup with the dojo loach, a freshwater fish in the loach family);/LILI"Kulish" (a sort of soup with millet);/LILIPotato sausages with pork rinds;/LILISausages with millet;/LILIHome-made "kutia" (a sweet grain pudding, traditionally served in Slavonic culture);/LILIBaked duck;/LILIHome-made larded roast;/LILIBaked potato with lard;/LILIMashed pumpkin with rice;/LILIPotato pancakes with kidney beans;/LILIHome-made pickled vegetables;/LILIMatsik (pork processed according to a specific traditional recipe);/LILICranberry drink;/LILIUzvar (Ukrainian Dried Fruit Compote) etc./LI/UL


11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

vul. Soborna, 29
Telephone +380 (67) 363 01 34
GPS N51.420824 E26.145004 (WGS84 decimal)

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