Bakery Plant of Rivne DCA

The Bakery Plant of Rivne District Consumer Association bakes fragrant and high-quality bakery products not only for residents of Rivne but also for other districts of the region.
After some reconstruction in December, 2004, the plant started to function again.
The precise adherence to old original recipes helps to make the activity of the Bakery Plant successful.
The products made on the Bakery Plant are environmentally clean and safe, without chemical and preserving additives. Only natural raw materials are used here.
Sweet-scented rye and wheat bread is made according to old folk recipes but the other sorts of products are made according to the traditional technology of the district.
The nutritional value rises because of adding different natural medicinal components, such as caraway seeds, nuts, plums, apples, malt and others.
When we eat bread every day, our organism is enriched not only with the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins but also with the salts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and other micro and macro elements. A person takes one-third of all energy and vegetable proteins out of bread.

Suggested product range:
ULLIBread B"Rivnens’kiy Zhytniy" ("Rivne Rye Bread")/B is made of rye pearling and cut-straight flour blend with salt./LILIBread B"Zhytniy z Salom" ("Rye Bread with Lard")/B is the type of brick bread made of rye pearling and cut-straight flour blend, salted lard, salt and other components according to the recipe./LILIBread B"Bat’kivskyy" ("Parental Bread")/B is an exclusive type of bread made of light rye and wheat flour blend, malt, stewed apples, honey and other raw materials according to the recipe./LILIBread B"Rivnens’kyy Smachnyy" ("Delicious Rivne Bread")/B is a type of brick bread which includes rye pearling and cut-straight flour blend, fermented rye malt and other components that enrich organism with irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, PP, microelements, and minerals./LILIBread B"Brodens’kyy"/B is a sort of choux bread made of rye and wheat flour blend with rye malt, sugar, jam, spices and other raw materials according to the recipe. Spices give a spicy flavour to this bread and they contain essential oils ("powerful phytocides") which have anti-inflammatory action and increase the overall resistance of an organism./LILIBread B"Polis’kyy" ("Polissia Bread")/B is hearth bread made of rye pearling and light wheat flour blend with malt, molasses and other raw materials./LILIBread B"Hirchychnyy" ("Mustard Bread")/B is a sort of bread which contains mustard oil in its recipe. This oil gives pleasant taste and smell to this bread./LILIBread B"Kozats’kyy" ("Cossack’s Bread")/B is a kind of handmade bread with rye pearling and light wheat flour blend./LILIB"Khlib z Chornoslyvom" ("Bread with Prunes")/B is a sort of choux pan bread with a specific taste. The recipe includes adding rye malt, prunes, and jam./LILIBread B"Kniazhyy" ("Prince’s Bread")/B is a type of original choux pan brick bread with nuts, dried grapes, rye malt, and other components./LILIB"Pletinka Ukrains’ka" ("Ukrainian Crescent Roll")/B is a bakery product made of high-grade flour with milk, sugar, eggs, and other raw materials which give pleasant taste and smell to this product./LILIB"Baton Zvychaynyy" ("Common Loaf")/B is made of high-grade flour with vegetable oil, sugar and other raw materials./LI/UL
One can buy those products at retail in all "Rikos" markets.

vul. Hruntova, 2
Telephone +380 (50) 939 93 99
Fax +380 (362) 62 85 75
GPS N50.610056 E26.192649 (WGS84 decimal)

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