Restaurant Complex "Rikos"

The restaurant complex located in downtown not far from the City Hall and Sviato-Troyitsky (St. Trinity) Nunnery is a true adornment of the historical town called Korets. The Korchyk River flows through the city. Korets is located close to an international highway.
The visitors will be welcomed by tasty delicacies, traditional for this district, made of environmentally safe local raw materials, friendly and timely service, calm atmosphere and light music in this restaurant complex.

The list of traditional dishes includes:
ULLIUkrainian borsch with pampushky (a sort of fritters);/LILISolianka (a thick soup of vegetables and meat) with mushrooms;/LILISnack in Korets way;/LILILiver fried with apples;/LILICabbage rolls stuffed with millet in sour cream;/LILICarp baked with vegetables;/LILIBaked potato with mushrooms;/LILIVarenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling) with cabbage and pork rinds;/LILIPatties with beans;/LILIKishka (black pudding) and buckwheat;/LILIHrechanyky (a sort of meatballs with buckwheat);/LILIBaked ham;/LILISausage in Korets way;/LILIBaked cabbage;/LILIPickles with honey;/LILISalo (cured slabs of fatback) with garlic;/LILICabbage stewed with meat;/LILIBaked ribs;/LILIPancakes with poppy seeds and honey;/LILIUzvar (Ukrainian Dried Fruit Compote) with prunes./LI/UL


11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

CONTACTS:Restaurant Complex "Rikos"
vul. Kyivska, 7a
Telephone +380 (97) 361 38 11
GPS N50.616678 E27.160461 (WGS84 decimal)

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