Restaurant Complex "Rikos"

The restaurant complex "Rikos" is located in an ancient picturesque historical a thousand-year-old city of Ostrog where the first publishing house was built. Not far from the restaurant complex there are the stone defensive fortress (the only in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe single-tower dwelling castle which was preserved until today) and the Numismatic Museum. Nowadays in the fortress there is also a museum – the museum of local lore, history and economy.
The restaurant complex was built in the ancient style with the elements of the historical Ostrog.
The restaurant with historical traditions and light music of a violin is pleased to greet its visitors and to offer a great variety of delicious meals cooked according to old recipes and the recipes of historical Ostrog Princes.
BRThe list of dishes served in the restaurant includes the following:
ULLISalad "Kniazhyy" ("Prince’s Salad");/LILI"Potato ships" cooked in Ostrog way;/LILICabbage rolls (the recipe of Princes Ostrozky);/LILISandwiches with salo (cured slabs of fatback) and garlic;/LILICabbage soup with ribs;/LILIMushroom soup;
Home-made roasted meat with beans in tagines;/LILIVarenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling) with potatoes and pork rinds;/LILIBaked ham with cherry flavour;/LILIKnedles (filled dumplings) with millet and pork rinds;/LILIAppetizer with spicy cheese;/LILICrucian baked in sour cream;/LILIPampushky (a sort of fritters) with garlic./LI/UL


11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

CONTACTS:Restaurant Complex "Rikos"
vul. Tatarska, 2a
Telephone +380 (50) 339 30 98
GPS N50.331453 E26.520942 (WGS84 decimal)

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