Restaurant Complex "Sarny"

The restaurant complex has got a long-term history. It started to function over 40 years ago – in 1966.
The restaurant is an adornment of the town. It is located close to the "Sluch" Hotel, Polissia Eparchy, shopping centers, banks, City Hall, and junction at the crossroads of international traffic with Poland and Belarus.
The restaurant "Sarny" is famous by ancient cuisine of the Polissia area. One can order a delicious meal cooked according to a grandmother’s recipe, exotic appetizers, tonic drinks, or taste original confectionery here.
IWelcome and enjoy your meal!/I

There are the following meals at your choice:
ULLIBaked meat a la bonne femme;/LILISausage cooked in Sarny way;/LILIAppetizer cooked in rural way;/LILISalted bacon with garlic;/LILISalad "Dary Polissia" ("The Gifts of Polissia");/LILIUkrainian borsch with pampushky (a sort of fritters);/LILIKulish (a sort of soup with millet) with mushrooms cooked in Polissia way;/LILIMushroom soup;/LILIPotato pancakes fried in Sarny way;/LILIPork cooked in Polissia way;/LILIHome-roasted pork;/LILICasing potato and pork rinds (sausage made by stuffing intestine (derma) with meat and potato);/LILIBaked potato with salo (cured slabs of fatback);/LILIMeat rolls cooked in Sarny way;/LILICabbage rolls a la bonne femme;/LILICrucians fried in sour cream;/LILIPancakes a la bonne femme;/LILIVarenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling) with cotton cheese and sour cream;/LILISoaked apples;/LILICranberry drink;/LILIUzvar (Ukrainian Dried Fruit Compote)./LI/UL


11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

vul. Shyroka, 1
Telephone +380 (50) 698 94 52
GPS N51.337219 E26.605837 (WGS84 decimal)

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