Restaurant Complex "Krystal"

The Restaurant Complex "Krystal" located in downtown is the pride and beauty of Kostopil. For decades it surprises its guests, both residents and visitors of the town, with its elegant, calm atmosphere, great musical background, combined colour harmony and design, as well as with exotic Ukrainian dishes, snacks/appetizers and drinks with rich flavours that meet all tastes.
The restaurant can also offer you unique, delicious cakes cooked according to grandmother’s recipes for a dessert.

The traditional dishes of the restaurant "Krystal" of Kostopil District Consumer Association include:
ULLIUkrainian borsch with pampushky (a sort of fritters);/LILISalad "Krystal";/LILIUkrainian salad;/LILIPolissia-style tomatoes;/LILIChicken wings with honey;/LILIMeat cooked in Kostopil-style;/LILIBald-ribs stewed with bluckwheat;/LILI"King’s Shish Kebab";/LILIPotato pancakes cooked in rural way;/LILIFish stewed with vegetables and nuts;/LILIMeat rolls stuffed with mushrooms;/LILIHome-made sausage;/LILIVeal stewed with prunes;/LILIPies with peas, cabbage;/LILISaltison (so-called head cheese, a cold cut a meat jelly made with pieces from the head of a calf or pig in aspic);/LILIHome jellied minced cock meat;/LILIVarenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling) with cherries;/LILI"Grandmother’s" pancakes./LI/UL


11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

vul. Hrushevskoho, 25
Telephone +380 (97) 771 62 47
GPS N50.875866 E26.455118 (WGS84 decimal)

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