Restaurant Complex "Kolyba"

"Kolyba" restaurant complex welcomes its visitors with a rich choice of delicious and centuries-old dishes of BPolissian and Transcarpathian cuisine/B.
In general, kolyba (an inn) is an authentic Carpathian food place. In the past they were shelters for the shepherds on summer pastures. Nowadays you do not need to climb mountains to see them. A kolyba is an authentic wooden building of a circular shape with a high rising roof in the shape of a cone. Besides its characteristic architectural peculiarities, the kolyba became an embodiment of the best traditions of Hutsul cuisine.
"Kolyba" is slightly adapted to the city but its frame was made by loggers out of boxwood, specially delivered from Carpathian Mountains, without a single nail.
Dishes are cooked from Becologically pure products basing on spring water and milk serumB. All food in the “Kolyba” restaurant complex is Bvery nutritious, tasty and useful/B.


11 a.m. – Midnight

CONTACTS:Restaurant Complex "Kolyba"
vul. D. Halytskoho, 16b
Telephone +380 (50) 386 82 98
Fax +380 (362) 63 80 08
[email protected]
GPS N50.605564 E26.281413 (WGS84 decimal)

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