Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój

Busko-Zdroj SPA is a producer of natural mineral water as well as high-mineralized one. The water comes from the chalk marl - scene located in a conservation area of Szaniecki Landscape Park. The water has a pleasant refreshing taste and quenches thirst. It is renowned among people who attach importance to their health, well-being and looks. It is a natural way to supplement the body's mineral balance, it adds vitality, fights fatigue, soothes and improves metabolism.

ul. Gen. F. Rzewuskiego 1
28-100 Busko-Zdrój
Telephone +48 41 378 23 13
[email protected]
GPS N50.4564100 E20.7218800 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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