Herregårdens Madbutik

Here you will find a wide selection of meat of the very best quality manufactured by Møltrup Optagelseshjem.

You will find the shop in the old stables.

Møltrup-pigs are reared in the open air from birth to slaughter. Natural behavior in the form of play and exercise, as well as a special feeding program gives the pigs more flavor, tenderness and great fleshiness.

The beef comes from Møltrups dairy cattle which graze by the river every day during the summer. The steers resides in Præstbjerg Plantation, as well as calves and heifers.

Møltrupvej 70
7480 Vildbjerg
Telephone 22239802
[email protected]
GPS N56.176 E8.7604 (WGS84 decimal)

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