RUNOLAND as the company and brand belong to general partnership, established in 1992. RUNOLAND is pure polish partnership. All shareholders are polish citizens. In 1993 company purchased former food processing plant situated in Wrocław province, Góra, Podwale Street 11. Here the RUNOLAND's seat is placed.

Undergrowth (ground cover), vegetables and fruits processing is a base RUNOLAND's activity. Products made of mushrooms and berries are the main and the most important part of the companies production. Majority of production (~70%) is exported to the UE's countries, Australia, Canada and to the US.

In 2000, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), granted a special direct exporter's number to the US. Majority RUNOLAND's products received the export certification to the US.

Based on the inspection performed on 28th of June 2006, RUNOLAND obtained CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY for Organic production. Certification Body Ekogwarancja PTRE Ltd. confirms that RUNOLAND meets reuirements of EU Regulation No. 2092/91 in categories: wild collection, food industry, trade.

We are introducing our offer of traditional and organic products. Our representative agents are ready and willing to meet you and present our offer in details.

Podwale 11
56-200 Góra
Telephone +48 65 543 24 26
Fax +48 65 543 22 33
[email protected]
GPS N51.669877 E16.537556 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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