Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne „Dom Tyrolski”

Agrotouristic Farm "Dom Tyrolski" ("Tyrolean house") is located in the beautiful, picturesque village Ratno Górne - Kłodzko Land.The neighbourhood of the Stołowe Mountains, bike lane and hiking trail and location by the border with the Czech Republic make "Dom Tyrolski" attractive for tourists. With a wealth of local wildlife on the table reigns trout kłodzki, jam with blackberries and blueberries and a cake with seasonal fruits.
Welcome to Ratno Górne!
Zdzisław i Janina Górnicy

Ratno Górne 10
57-420 Radków
Telephone + 48 501 516 426, + 48 74 871 20 82
[email protected]
GPS N50.505785 E16.414297 (WGS84 decimal)

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