Rodzinna wytwórnia makaronów – Fabijańscy

We produce pasta from 100% organic flour: spelled, buckwheat, rye, rice, corn and based on the Kapellanka spring water. The source this water is among a clean fields and meadows the Kaczawskie Mountains.
Pasta with the positive energy - it means as in the past. The grain from the small organic crops ensures the uniqueness of taste, handjob - the diversity of shapes and stencils made of bronze - interesting facture and lack of Teflon.

CONTACTS:Rodzinna wytwórnia makaronów – Fabijańscy
ul. Działkowicza 34
58-506 Jelenia Góra
Telephone +48 500 619 824
[email protected]
GPS N50.917712 E15.746344 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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