Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Magdalena i Łukasz Glos

Sudeckie Klodzko Valley Honey is a brand of natural honey obtained only in the Kłodzko Valley.
We offer natural honeys from the woodlands and crops from places where no industry and clean healthy air to ensure proper development of bee families and contribute to obtaining guaranteed quality honey. In our offer is also available bee pollen - cleaned and dried. Apiary located in a diverse area in terms of benefits, therefore, in our offer are honeys: Multiflower spring, multi summer, rapeseed, Dandelion, honeydew, nectar-honeydew, lime, faceliowy, mustard, buckwheat, heather and bee pollen.
The availability of particular species of honey strictly depends on weather conditions and seasonality rewards.
Do not we buy honey, all bee products come from our hives and guarantee their quality.

CONTACTS:Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Magdalena i Łukasz Glos
Stara Łomnica 10
Gmina Bystrzyca Kłodzka
57-521Gorzanów Stara Łomnica
Telephone +48 519 825 004
[email protected]
GPS N50.351408 E16.591445 (WGS84 decimal)

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