Gospodarstwo Rolne Michał Sznajder Kiszone warzywa z Doliny Baryczy

We are a small family farm from Lower Silesia specialized in production of Sauerkraut and pickles. The traditional fermentation was started more than 50 years ago by our grandfather Stefan. Our fields are located in amazing Barycz Valley, one of the greatest complex of fish ponds and nesting site for different types of birds.
Currently the tradition is continued by the third generation. We firstly produce the vegetables and only the selected are used in further process. We don' use any chemicals, which speed up the process of fermentation and at the same time destroy the taste. This is why our cabbage and pickles are so tasty and taste like made by your grandmother.

CONTACTS:Gospodarstwo Rolne Michał Sznajder  Kiszone warzywa z Doliny Baryczy
Karnice 17
55-140 Żmigród
Telephone +48 609 630 221
[email protected]
GPS N51.483652 E16.840083 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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