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Beekeeping we started in 2012 and it was a conscious choice associated with passion and lifestyle. Working with bees gives us a lot of joy and through the recognition of our clients, we are confident, that the effect of our work makes a lot of pleasure for them too.

Our apiaries are located only in the Kłodzko Valley, where clean air and a wealth of nature makes our honey unique. We offer natural, organic, raw honey, in our offer are honeys: multiflower, rapeseed, dandelion, honeydew, nectar-honeydew, lime, phacelia, mustard, buckwheat, heather. We do not buy honey from other beekeepers. All products are coming from our hives, kind of honey in offer is depending on seasonality of flora and weather conditions

In our job we help bees to live and work in natural way, that is why we make a lot of effort searching for new possibilities of obtaining a natural and unique honey. We are not a manufacturer of honey, because we avoid any kind of manufacture process. In our apiary in 24 hours after harvest, honey is poured directly into the jars, thanks to this, we avoid store honey in big containers and later heating honey. Such treatment of honey guarantee our customers, that honey lose nothing of its properties and retains its high quality. Our solution regarding honey storage, distinguishes us from other apiaries.

Also our honey is very positively received in terms of appearance. Our intention was to create attractive name and label, associated of course with honey, sun and bees called "children of the sun".

Zagórze 2D
57-300 Kłodzko, Zagórze
Telephone +48 505 399 888, 694 431 859
[email protected]
GPS N50.414312 E16.631123 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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