Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne „Kowalowe Skały”

Eko-Agritourism farm "Kowalowe Skały" is located in Bóbr Valley Landscape Park, in the Natura 2000 area. The area of 33 hectares is dominated by grassland, only ¼ of the area is devoted to cereals (oats as animal feed). This structure of the crop is adapted to the nature of the farm, ie the extensive pastoral economy.

On the farm there are:
- heath sheep
- fallow deer
- Scottish cattle
- goose
- greenleg partridge hen
- pigs of Mangalica breed.

All of these breeds are old, untreated by breeding and adapted for maintenance in an extensive ecological system.

The Farm has been certified ecological since 2007.

The highest quality meat (after slaughtering in the slaughterhouse) is processed here:
- sausages and hams, smoked in cold smoke
- pate from heather, fallow and mangalica
- white sausages
- cold smoked goose breast.

The farm has ecotourism rooms and runs a kitchen for its guests, does not run an open restaurant.

For certification in the Culinary Heritage System of Lower Silesia:

- Sausages cooked from the heather
Hams of fallow deer and mangalica
- lamb with low-temperature baked roast lamb

The biggest success for the entire activity was the first place in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship in the competition for the best ecological farm in the category Ecology-Environment and second place in the national edition of this competition in 2013.

The shepherd's economy is inextricably linked to wool, which today is treated as waste. Difficulties with sales were an impulse for the unconventional use of wool, creating an educational offer for schools, kindergartens, study groups. Workshop titled " "Animals-Filcaki" or "From sheep to fillet" are meant to bring together the participants in sheep-farming, wool processing and the show of old crafts. You can trace the process of sheep cutting, wool cleaning, carding, spinning, weaving, or today's fashionable felting. The workshop participants themselves make a souvenir of wool (phone case, mascot, bag, hats).

Farm as one of the first in the country was included in the National Network of Educational Sites.

Jeżów Sucecki, Wrzeszczyn 25a
58-508 Jelenia Góra
Telephone +48 502 252 730
[email protected]
GPS N50.945714 E15.650751 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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