Karczma Rybna "Ruda Żmigrodzka" J. K. Raftowicz

Our smoked Milicz carp is a unique product from the Barycz Valley, based on a traditional recipe of natural smoking. The raw material for its production comes from a 30-year-old fishing farm of the Raftowicz family located in the picturesque village of Ruda Żmigrodzka.

Carps, fed with high-quality grains (no chemicals added), are farmed here in semi-natural conditions, which guarantee an ideal environment for development. On the other hand, over 150 ha of ponds of various sizes are kept in high culture, which guarantees the high health of the fish. Fish are harvested and stored with fresh and oxygenated water, so the fish do not have the taste and smell of silt.

Milicz carp smoked from the Raftowicz farm, available at weekends in our Karczma Rybna in Ruda Żmigrodzka, is highly appreciated by customers and is the most sought-after carp dish. We smoke it in the form of sheets or pieces, hot on the spot, on beech or alder wood, after brining.
The family-run Karczma Rybna in Ruda Żmigrodzka is located among the picturesque breeding ponds of our fishing farm. Right next to it there is a farm with fallow deer, a grill-bar building, a playground, a nature path and a fishing ground. The inn's regional architecture combined with the traditional cuisine, which mainly consists of freshwater fish dishes, with Milicz carp at the fore, create a unique atmosphere of this place. The inn is open from March to the end of November, only on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other hand, during the week, organized groups visiting the Barycz Valley are supported as part of green lessons conducted by the daughter of the farm owner.

Smoked carp from the "Ruda Żmigrodzka" Fish Farm in 2007 received the "Pearl" in the "Our Culinary Heritage" competition at the Polagra International Fair in Poznań and 1st prize in the "Best Taste of Lower Silesia 2016" competition in the fish category at the "Europa na fork ".

CONTACTS:Karczma Rybna "Ruda Żmigrodzka" J. K. Raftowicz
Ruda Żmigrodzka 101
55-140 Żmigród
Telephone +48 609 856 026, 71 385 01 01
[email protected]
GPS N51.49379 E17.00691 (WGS84 decimal)

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