AGRO-VISBEK Bydgoszcz Sp. z o.o. Zakład Mięsny w Nakle nad Notecią

Agro-Visbek is an enterprise comprising several plants and numerous activities, ranging from soil cultivation, through agricultural tourism, horse breeding, cutting of pork carcasses to processing and sale of cold meat products.

A strong point of the enterprise are its traditional specialties based on proven old Polish cuisine recipes. Te company’s production is based on two pig breeds, namely the Polish Large White and Polish Landrace. best quality meat and natural mixed spices are used for production of cold meat products. Meat is smoked in specials chambers with the use of alder and beech wood. The resulting products not only smell, but also look great and are healthy.

ul. Staszica 27c Nakło nad Notecią
89-100 Nakło nad Notecią
Telephone 52 3401050
[email protected]
GPS N53.141111 E17.584501 (WGS84 decimal)

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