INPOL Gronikowscy sp.j.

Inpol Gronikowscy sp.j. It was founded in the early eighties of the last century as a one-man business. The current office is located in the building at ul. Toruńska in Inowrocław, and its offer is fudge candy (fudge Kujawska® and Lipstick milk), dragees and wafers and candies czekoladowe.Firma been repeatedly beneficiary of subsidies from European Union funds. It is used in the production of traditional technology with a very large contribution of manual labor and therefore human capital in the company plays a big role. They are used in production of high quality raw materials that come from Kujaw or nearby regions. • The products are sold mainly in Poland and exported to Hungary, Lithuania, the Slovak Republic and the United Arab Emirates. Finished goods received awards and certificates: HIT 2009; Appreciate the Polish, and the company is certified with the Fair Play 2012

CONTACTS:INPOL Gronikowscy sp.j.
ul. Toruńska 73 Inowrocław
88-100 Inowrocław
Telephone 52 357 33 02
[email protected]
GPS N52.802387 E18.267755 (WGS84 decimal)

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