Pasieka Rodzinna Paul

Paul Family Apiary was established in 1954. Engaging in beekeeping, the father and his son have continued their family tradition. Their honeys are much appreciated and were numerously awarded at one of the Polish festivals, namely Festiwal Smaku® [Taste Festival] in Gruczno. Apart from honey, the apiary also obtains pollen, wax, propolis and bee nucs. The owner of the apiary also renders pollination services in orchards. Beekeeping is a hard work, which, however, in the case of this apiary, is also a real passion that contributes to excellent healthy products with remarkable taste and flavours.

ul. Chopina 11
88-140 Gniewkowo
Telephone 0048 785020338
[email protected]
GPS N52.891822 E18.401366 (WGS84 decimal)

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